Thank you for your interest in joining the Spectrum 2019 team!

Each Director position has a unique set of responsibilities and is vital to the success of Spectrum. Director positions are great if you want to become more involved than a general volunteer and would like to gain personal and professional skills in the process. The positions below are sorted by the Executive position that the Directors will be working with. The Executive team is the main organizing committee and each Executive has a team of Directors.

Spectrum Directors get additional perks, such as the Post- Spectrum Wrap-Up party and Director merch! 
To apply, submit a cover letter to the relevant Spectrum ExecutiveUse the following as a guideline for your application: 

  • Why do you want to be a part of Spectrum? Please describe any past experience you may have with Spectrum, any new ideas you could bring to the event, and why you are excited to be part of Spectrum 2019!
  • Why are you interested in this/these position(s) specifically? Why are you an ideal candidate for this/these position(s)? Please include relevant experience, character traits, and skills.
  • Spectrum is a huge event and some Director positions carry a large time commitment. How will you manage your position in Spectrum alongside schoolwork and other responsibilities?
  • Please note your year of study and disciple. If you are applying for multiple positions, please assure you distinguish between general qualifications and those that apply to each specific position. Make sure to note your order of preference of positions.
If you have any questions whatsoever about these positions or how to apply, please do not hesitate to contact or the relevant Executive. We are all very open to answering any questions you may have about the positions or about Spectrum in general.


Administration Executive

Kaitlin Olmsted, 

The admissions director will be responsible for monitoring entrance of visitors, processing admission transactions, and maintaining admission records during the show. They will also help manage coat-check and admissions volunteers. This director will also work with the Administration executive to create an effective method of recording the number of visitors to the show. Strong organizational skills are preferred. 

Concessions Director 
The concessions director will work with the Administration executive to purchase concession items, maintain the inventory of supplies, help manage concession volunteers, and monitor concession transactions during Spectrum. Strong organizational or management skills are preferred. 

Facilities Executive

Allison Kruger, 

Exhibitor Relations Director 
This director will work to ensure all exhibitor requirements are met during the show, including helping exhibitors locate their display area, setting up before the show, and take down after. During the show talk to exhibitors to make sure everything is going well, and solve any problems that relate to the building and exhibitors. Should be outgoing, able to talk to everyone, and helpful! Will be in constant communication with other exhibitor relations directors and facilities executive. 

Technical Exhibitor Relations Director 
The same as the exhibitor relations role, but should also have good working knowledge of technical equipment (projectors, computers, microphones, electrical equipment) to help with any technical difficulties during the event. 

Parking Director 
Help to organize parking facilities and in charge of the parking volunteers team. Make sure parking signage is properly set up before the event. Contact with parking services if needed, solve any problems related to parking, and help to organize shuttle vehicles (for Canadian Light Source tours). 

Day Security Director 
Organize security volunteers and make sure they understand their duties. Students (even Eng students) must pay to attend the event. Students are also not allowed to use the building for school work during the event. Help to organize first aid and emergency services. Contact security services if needed. If needed, escort non-engineering classes to class within the Eng building. 

Personnel Executive

Whitney Curtis, 

Volunteer Training Director 

This director will be responsible for the preparation and execution of training volunteers. This includes training sessions before Spectrum for specialized volunteer roles, such as the Canadian Light Source volunteers, school tour volunteers, and other special exhibitor volunteers. This director will also be running check-in and managing the volunteers during the event.