Share Your Ideas with the World!

Spectrum 2019 is your chance to introduce your studies and interests to kids, the general public, visiting universities, and Industry.  You have the freedom to create, design, and demonstrate displays to show off your technical knowledge. We look forward to seeing everything you do here at the University and beyond!


  1. Display must have an Engineering or Science related theme (this includes, but is not limited to technology, medicine, and agri-science).  If you are in doubt, submit a display form and we will contact you.

  2. Fill out all required fields in display form


  1. There is no minimum number of group members, but over the four days of the event displays must have a exhibitor present during operating hours (hours will be posted).  If you do not have enough people to schedule this contact the Production Committee and we will assign volunteers if available.

  2. Colourful and interactive displays are encouraged.

  3. If the display will take more than the space of a single table or has special location requirements please make your submission as early as possible.  Closer to the submission deadline it will be harder to find a space for your display

Display Funding and Other Assistance

For each display up to $25 will be reimbursed for the cost of supplies, you can also apply for a further $50 in reimbursements if needed.  Keep all of your receipts for submission to the Production Committee, we will only accept original receipts (a confirmation email with attached photocopy of the receipt will be sent to the contact person’s email so you can keep track of what you are being reimbursed for).

If you need help finding materials, building your display, or need other assistance you can contact your Production Committee member.  We will do our best to let you do your best.

Display Competition

Awards will be presented on the final day for displays in the following categories:

Best Technical Display ($300)

Best Educational Display ($300)

Best Innovative Display ($300)

Best Overall Display ($500)

The criteria for judging and general information will be posted on the Spectrum 2019 website.  Any questions, concerns, comments can be directed to Steven Randall, Production Executive at

Note: To qualify for the competition you must submit lab book pages as per the posted guidelines by November 30th, 2018.  All submissions are subject to approval by Productions Committee, we suggest submissions be made no later than November 15th to allow for any adjustments.


Register to host a student exhibit

Spectrum 2019 Lab Books Rules and Guidelines

How to get your display into Spectrum:

  1. Contact Production Executive Steven Randall at

    1. Subject line: “Spectrum Industry Display” followed by your company name

    2. Content

      1. A brief description of your company

      2. What kind of display you wish to have

      3. What space requirements you have

      4. Contact Information

  2. We will reply to either arrange a meeting in person or over the phone to finalize details

  3. An orientation package will be sent via email with further details/instructions

Contact Information

Steven Randall, Production Executive

Cell: 306-371-4004