Mikhaila Paslawski

Women in STEM Event Director

The Spectrum Women in STEM event’s goal is to engage with young women that are interested in STEM. This director is managing registration for the event, organizing a panel and mixer, and assisting in planning speakers.

Shanleigh McKeown, Connor Tant, and Heather Caswell

School Tours Directors

These directors work as a team to promote Spectrum to elementary and high schools. They are also in charge of coordinating tours, designing the tour path, and creating a helpful way to book tours. Around 3,000 elementary and high school students have the opportunity to learn about science and engineering in a way not possible in the classroom through our school tours program.

Anna Lischynski

Coordinator Assistant

This director is responsible for helping the Coordinator in all aspects of Spectrum. From managing the other director projects, to the day to day event decisions.  The Coordinator Assistant also works closely with the First Year Challenge Director

Liam Obrodovich

First Year Challenge Director

The First Year Challenge Director is organizing a design project for First-Year Engineering students to participate in at Spectrum. The challenge showcases the design process to visitors, as well as gives first-year students experience in design.  This director is planning the challenge, organizing registration, and coordinating judges and volunteers.


Kate Christ

Administration Assistant

The Administration Assistant helps the Administration executive with office duties and other major Spectrum publications including the program magazine and website. This director also maintains and records minutes for the Administration committee.

Lars Kishchuk

Website Director

This director maintains information on the website about sponsorships, student groups, displays, admissions, and volunteering. The website director also develops the design and flow of the website.

Brooke Petreny

Concessions Director

The Concessions Director works with the Administration executive to purchase concession items, maintain the inventory of supplies, help manage concession volunteers, and monitor concession transactions during Spectrum 2019.

Logan Hunter

Admissions Director

The Admissions Director is responsible for processing admission transactions and maintaining admission records during the show. This director will also work with the Administration executive to manage coat-check and admissions volunteers.

Manisha Jose

Merchandise Director

The Merchandise Director is responsible for managing and tracking the merchandise inventory throughout the show. As well, this director also works with the Administration executive to manage merchandise volunteers.


Britnay Bells

Facilities Assistant

This director assists the Facilities executive in helping exhibitors at the event, arranging room bookings and parking, and organizing set up and take down for the event.

Clay Paul and Dania Abed-Rabbo

Exhibitor Relations

The Exhibitor Relations Directors works to ensure all exhibitor needs are met during the show including helping exhibitors locate their display area, set up before the show, and take down after. These directors are the main point of contact for the exhibitors during Spectrum, and resolve any problems related to allocated show space.

Keegan Jellicoe

Night Security Director

The Night Security Director is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all Spectrum exhibits and school property after show hours have concluded. This director works with the Facilities executive to manage night security shifts and organize night security volunteers.

Connor Dobko

Day Security Director

The Day Security Director organizes security volunteers and ensures they understand their duties. This director’s responsibilities include organizing first aid and emergency safety measures, contacting security services if needed, and escorting non-engineering classes to their allocated rooms within the Eng building.

Sam Dickens

Parking Director

This director manages the parking volunteers team, ensures parking signage is set up properly before the event, resolve problems related to parking, and helps organize the shuttles for the Canadian Light Source tours.

Chris Elash

Technical Director

The Technical Director works to ensure all the exhibitor’s technical needs are met during the show as well as assists with any technical difficulties during Spectrum.


Todd Thorsness

Personnel Assistant

The Personnel Assistant assists the Personnel executive in recruitment, training, and organizing of volunteers.

Jade Knoblauch

Recruitment Director

This director promotes awareness and enthusiasm for Spectrum across campus by recruiting volunteers through classroom presentations and advertising volunteer positions and incentives. During Spectrum, the Recruitment Director acts as a liaison to volunteers to ensure they are happy and enjoying themselves.

Parker Campbell

Volunteer Training

This director is responsible for training volunteers and this includes training sessions before Spectrum for specialized volunteer roles. The Volunteer Training directors also runs volunteer check-in and manages the volunteers during the event.


Promita Das

Productions Assistant

The Productions Assistant helps attract student projects to be displayed during the show. This director also coordinates the layout of displays, including organizing displays into rooms and grouping similar displays together.

Lionel D’Souza

Student Groups Director

The Student Groups Director manages student group exhibits, like those from USST and Huskie Motorsports. They are also in charge of collecting and organizing promotional material from these groups.


Kalyna Livingstone

Public Relations Assistant

This director assists the Public Relations executive in all aspects of the promotion of Spectrum. This includes design of posters, relations with advertising companies, and contacting external groups for services and publicity.

Brendan Deibert

Campus Publicity

The Campus Publicity Director carries out on-campus advertising including posters, banners, and booths. They are in charge of running kiosks to promote Spectrum and encourage other colleges to get involved.