Sustainable Food and Items Initiative

Sustainable living is important to maintain both current and future generation’s resources. To promote minimal waste, healthier living, and increased recycling, Cameco Spectrum 2019 is doing multiple small initiatives to reduce waste often produced by large events.

Bring your Own Water Bottle

To reduce waste produced from plastic water bottles, they will not be sold at concessions, and organizers are encouraging participants to bring their own refillable water bottle. Multiple water bottle and water fountain stations are available throughout the engineering building.

Healthy Food and Minimal Waste

Healthy food and fair trade coffee will be sold at concessions. Healthy food options include locally sourced granola bars, fresh fruit, and vegetable cups. As well, to reduce waste the food bought will have minimal packaging and compostable utensils, napkins, and bowls will be given to customers to use.

Recycling at Spectrum

Recycling is important to energy and material conservation. Organizers are encouraging participants to recycle as much as possible at Spectrum, and there will be an increase in recycling bins and signage throughout the engineering building.