University of Saskatchewan Bridge Team (USBT)

The USBT is a Civil Engineering student group that designs, creates, and analyzes Steel Bridge models. The team represents the University of Saskatchewan at the CISC national steel bridge competition where students design and build a 1:10 model of a steel bridge.

Display Description:

2018 Steel Bridge

This bridge spans 18ft and was designed and submitted to the CISC competition in 2018 which was our first year attending the competition. Designing and building this bridge provided us with many challenges and lessons related to the engineering design process which we will discuss at our display.


CIM Saskatoon Student Chapter

The CIM Saskatoon Student Chapter is a student group that focuses on helping its members gain valuable leadership skills and networking opportunities. The team engages with the mining industry and promotes interaction with local industry professionals.

Display Description:

Mining Display

Various mining displays and activities will be featured to help teach students about the world of mining. Examples will include hard rock mines such as gold and diamond to soft rock mines such as potash and coal.


CSCE Saskatoon Student Chapter (Civil Club)

The CSCE represents, serves, and supports students enrolled in Civil Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. The student group helps facilitate communication between Civil Engineering Students and the professional Civil Engineering Community.

Display Description:

Hydraulic Jump Demo

  • A hydraulic jump set up in a flume within the College of Engineering’s hydrotechnical lab.

  • Demonstrate the application of fluid mechanics to solve problems in civil engineering.

  • Demonstrate fundamental engineering principles like energy conservation and energy dissipation.

Huskie Formula Racing

The HFR team is an interdisciplinary group of Engineering students. Each year, Huskie Formula Racing applies engineering principles to construct an open wheel "formula style" race car to compete in events hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Display Description:

Driving to Succeed; Huskie Formula Racing

At Spectrum 2019, the team will showcase an exhibit where visitors can experience a day in the life of a student on the team from design, to fabrication, to competition.


UofS Space Design Team (USST)

The USST is an interdisciplinary student group whose members have a unifying passion for state-of-the-art technology and innovation. The USST focuses on space-oriented design projects for competitions both here in Canada & abroad.  

Display Description:

The Mars Generation

The USST’s display features a Mars Analog “Sandbox” where the public is invited to pilot Mars Rover Prototypes, explore virtual reality, learn about 3D printing and advanced Carbon Fibre and Kevlar moulding techniques used by our team.

Our world record-setting Space Elevators and power beaming technology will be on display along with high altitude balloons, our microgravity research project completed with the National Research Council, and the Satellite we are currently designing in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency.

The public is invited to come and experience our team’s 15-year history of innovation in the aerospace industry with hands-on and immersive experiences.


Mechanical Engineering Student Association

MESA is dedicated to helping the Mechanical Engineering students of the University of Saskatchewan become more familiar with the mechanical engineering industry.

Display Description:


Methods of manufacturing materials we use at the U of S will be shown. How the laser cutter and 3D printer work along with demonstrations for the visitors will also be given. Along with this, past Mechanical engineering projects will be demonstrated and the problems they overcame to build their design.


University of Saskatchewan Biology Club

The Biology Club offers the opportunity for students who are interested in Biology to share and pursue their interest in the natural world with others. As the second oldest student group on campus, the Biology club provides the opportunity for students to network and gain hands on experience through community partnerships.

Display Description:

The Diversity of Life

At Spectrum 2019, the Biology Club will be presenting a collection of specimens (probably some living) representing the animal and plant kingdoms.


Quarter Scale Tractor Team

The U of S Sled Dogs is a student led engineering design team that competes in the ASABE International ¼ Scale Tractor Design Competition. Through building a ¼ scale tractor from start to finish during the year, students gain experience with designing and building, as well as project management.

Display Description:

The Quarter Scale Tractor Team

The U of S Sled Dogs display for Spectrum will be composed of two main aspects: a poster and the past year's tractor. On the poster, information about the current year's team and the competition the team attends will be displayed. The 2018 Quarter-Scale Tractor will also be positioned for viewing, so that spectators can get an up close view at the tractor the team built.


U of S Aero Design

U of S Aero Design is a student run team dedicated to building RC aircrafts designed to lift a payload. We strive to give all students from various disciplines and colleges the opportunity to apply material learnt in the classroom to a real life situation.

Display Description:

U of S Aero Design Team

At Aero Design's booth you will find posters describing competition planes from previous years along with information on this years competition plane. A competition RC aircraft will be on display at our booth where members of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the plane. Lastly, you will find a flight simulator that enables you to experience what it feels like to fly one these aircrafts. This simulator allows you to choose from many different types of aircrafts and even helicopters. Can't wait to see you all there!


Chemistry Student Society

We are a student group dedicated to undergraduate chemistry students. We host multiple social events throughout the year and provide academic assistance and information to our members.

Display Description:

Blue Bottle Experiment

The chemistry student society will be performing the blue bottle experiment. Methylene blue, sodium hydroxide, and glucose will be placed into a bottle and shaken. The solution will quickly become blue. After a period of time, the solution will become colorless again and the experiment can be repeated.


Physics and Engineering Physics Students' Society

The Physics and Engineering Physics Students' Society supports undergraduate students studying Physics, Mathematical Physics, and Engineering Physics.  We organize social and academic events, and liaise between students and faculty in engineering and physics.

Display Description:

Optics of Rainbows

Light behaves like both a particle and a wave, so it sometimes does unexpected things when it interacts with objects.  This colourful optics display will showcase some of the interesting properties of light through mirrors, prisms, and diffraction gratings.  Come see how to make rainbows from white light!



SaskInvent is a multidisciplinary student group that brings together students from all over campus. The group promotes entrepreneurship, innovative creations, and applied learning. We specialize in designing and building biomedical devices and are always working on multiple projects. This year our projects include rehabilitative devices, prosthetics, and an assistive device for the hearing impaired. Previous devices we have completed include 3D printed surgical brain models and devices to aid in research on memory capacity.

Display Description:

Biomedical Engineering Projects

SaskInvent will be displaying its current and previously completed biomedical engineering projects at Spectrum. Come see a hand rehab device operated with soft robotics, an innovative device that enables those with hearing impairments to experience music, our “farm arm” prosthetic, a 3D-printed surgical brain model, and an inexpensive 3D-printed prosthetic.


Team Persistence

A team made up of 3 engineering students. Two are electrical engineers, and one is a mechanical engineer.

Display Description:

Persistence of Vision

At this display, multiple LEDs will form a circular image by blinking periodically as a rotor arm spins at a defined angular velocity. The data for the LEDs will then transferred wirelessly, from a base station, through the use of a transceiver to the rotor of the display.



This team consists of a small group of individuals from Computer Engineering (CME), Engineering Physics (EP), and Electrical Engineering (EE).

Display Description:

CMEEPEE Student Display

The CMEEPEE student group display features an array of RGB (red-green-blue) LED's programmable from a micro-controller and an interactive app to show how color is mixed to display all colors on the visible spectrum.